The Secret Marathon

A movement for equality

Pre-Race Resources 

Race Bibs

Have students show their stance for equality by wearing Equality Race Bibs at your school event. Printable here. If a student forgets their race bib there will be additional race bibs available on site as well if they are participating at a host city race. There are also customizable wristbands for students if you would like to print them off in advance. Printable here.

Martin’s Training Plan

Students can start working towards their 3K goal using Martin’s training plan designed specifically for The Secret Marathon 3K. Printable here.

Digital Hello

Get your students pumped for the race! We’d love to arrange a class Skype call with Martin or Kate for your students or if you are in the Calgary area or Toronto we may be able to even visit your school in person for a kick-off assembly. Send us an email at to arrange the details.  


Display posters in high traffic areas for everyone to see. The poster has space at the bottom to include your event date and details. Printable here.

INTRODUCTION Message to Students

Please see our message to students which you can use to introduce your students to The Secret Marathon 3K and the story behind the race. Link here.

Race Day Message

Thank you to all of our students and staff for their hard work in preparing for The Secret Marathon 3K. Congratulations on training hard towards your goals, demonstrating leadership and showing generosity.

You are making a difference! Today we are joining together with others across Canada and around the world to support everyone’s right to be free to run. Today we will each be wearing our Equality race bibs to show the kind of future we want - one where everyone feels safe and included in our community.

This event was inspired by the brave women and men who participate in the Marathon of Afghanistan. They have had many challenges along the way but they have used running as a way to celebrate gender equality. This week we will be celebrating International Women’s Day and as a school we look forward to a day when all people around the world can feel safe to go for a run in their own community.

Before we start of our run today I would like to invite everyone to join me in a group photo. (Be sure to share any photos from the day by using the hashtag #TheSecretMarathon3K)

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