The Secret Marathon

A movement for equality

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If you believe in a world where everyone, regardless of gender, culture, or ability, should be free to run, please make a donation and help us spread this message of equality with The Secret Marathon.

What does my donation do?

Your donation will help us complete this film! We've already been to Afghanistan, we've already captured the footage, and now we need to edit. That means turning roughly 100 hours of footage into a polished narrative, sound mixing, colour grading and creating music. Not an easy task, but with our community standing behind us, we know we can do it!

What about corporate partnerships?

Corporate partnerships extend far beyond personal donations, and we would love to hear from you if you are interested in partnering with the film. Partnerships can mean any number of things, so we want to hear from you!

What do I get for my donation?

First of all, you'll get our thanks. We realize that this film can't be finished without a community of people standing with us. For that reason, everyone who donates, that's right... our entire community of amazing people who stood with us to make this film a reality, will be in the credits of the film.

Secondly, we realize that for most of the people donating to this film, it's probably because you want to see the documentary we're making. So everyone who donates $30 or more will get a digital download of the finished film when we are ready for distribution. This is our thanks to you for joining our community.


From the beginning we knew that to share this message of equality with the world we would need to build a community. That means people like you joining us on social media and starting conversations. Talk with us, ask questions, share our content with your friends and let us know the good things that you're doing so we can share them with our friends. Together we can build a community that stands for something!

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