The Secret Marathon

a 90 minute documentary

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We are excited to partner with organizations that share our vision of a world where everyone is free to run.  A world that embraces equality, and recognizes the value in mental and physical health. If this is something that matters to your organization we would love to connect and discuss partnership opportunities.  We know that each partnership will be unique, so please email us to set up a phone call or a meeting.

Due to the unique nature of this project, we were unable to publicly speak about the documentary until the marathon was complete and our team was back home safe and sound. That has left us in the unique opportunity of having most of the documentary already captured, allowing us to have, not only a proof of concept, but a proof of the quality the finished film will be. We can also confidently say that each of the major stories we've captured in this film would make an interesting documentary on it's own and we've got at least 7 of them. This leaves us with these incredible stories, beautiful footage of Canada & Afghanistan, and an amazing team ready to finish this film. All we need is the funding to make that happen.

Gifts in Kind

Throughout this project there are services that can be donated as gifts-in-kind to help us reach our goal. If you have a service that you would like to donate please reach out to us at  We are so grateful to the folks at Garmin who provided us with a Garmin Forerunner 735XT watch and a Garmin Virb Action Camera to help us accurately capture data from the marathon and better train for the race.


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Join Our Community

Every follow, like and share helps us demonstrate that this film has a growing community of support.