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The Film

We have officially finished the documentary “The Secret Marathon”! We hope to premiere the film at a major film festival in the fall of 2019. Screening opportunities before that time will be limited, however, if you are interested in talking about screenings, distribution, or creating an event around the film, let’s talk!

The 3K

The Secret Marathon 3K has become an annual event, promoting equality and freedom around the world. To register, please visit the 3K page. If you or your organization would like to get involved, let’s talk!

The Book

If you would like to talk about doing an event based around Martin Parnell’s “The Secret Marathon: Empowering women and girls in Afghanistan through Sport” Book, let’s talk!

Public Speaking

Kate McKenzie and Martin Parnell both have extensive public speaking experience and are excited to find opportunities to talk about the film, the book, their experience in Afghanistan, equality, running, mental health and team building. To book one/both of them to bring these inspiring messages to your team, let’s talk!


Film Production

If you like what you see with this film, and are in need of film/video production services for your project, let’s talk!

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